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Local SEO refers to optimizing your site so it shows up in the local search results. When people do a query that search engines like Google deem “local” in nature, they’ll show some local results. This can happen either because the user adds a location to the search term, or the term itself shows local intent. If you own a local business you’d want to show up in these results!

Below, you’ll find several articles about this topic. Want to easily optimize your site for local search? Our Local SEO plugin helps you optimize your WordPress site for Local SEO.

Beginners level

SEO basics: What is local SEO? »

Do you want to rank in your local area? Better invest in local SEO. Here, we'll explain what it is, so you can start with the basics.

Expert level

Small business SEO and local search: the ultimate guide »

Need help with SEO for your small business? Find out how to do SEO and local SEO yourself with our free guide. You don't need to be an expert!

Must read articles about Local SEO

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