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In this blog WordPress Core team members share their latest findings, awesome projects and everything worth knowing about WordPress and its lovely community.

The team continues to work on WordPress 6.0. Moreover, we released the web fonts API in Gutenberg and did a lot of work in automated tests and internal projects.

Find out what our WordPress Core team have been doing this week! WordPress 5.9.1 has been released and WordPress 6.0 is already underway...

Check out the latest WordPress core blog to find out what the team has been up to this week!

WordPress SEO posts

Of course we’ve been writing about WordPress & SEO on our SEO blog for a long time, find those posts here:

What pages should be shown in Google's search results? Indexing in Yoast SEO helps you determine what pages should be ranking, so read on!

WordPress 5.9 brings us the next step in full site editing. But what is it and why should you consider using it? Read on!

Find out about the exciting new features in WordPress 5.9 and how they help you to get more creative than ever before with your site design!

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This is the team that is (writing about) contributing to WordPress core at Yoast.