I don’t see the internal link count columns

To make sure all the links in your texts are counted, we need to analyze all your texts and check for internal links. This check is automatically ran every time you edit a post or page. Instead of having to manually open every post or page, we offer an option to bulk check all content that has not been checked. This is helpful when you first install the plugin or if you’ve made bulk changes like importing content.

NOTE: If you are on a multisite you will need to go to each subsite and follow the steps below for each one to count the internal links.

  1. Log in to your WordPress website.

    When you’re logged in, you will be in your ‘Dashboard’.

  2. Click on ‘SEO’.

    On the left-hand side, you will see a menu. In that menu, click on ‘SEO’.

  3. Click on ‘Tools’.

    The ‘SEO’ settings will expand providing you with additional options. Click on ‘Tools’.

  4. Click on the “Start SEO data optimization” button

Supported Languages

You may not see the internal count or the button to analyze the text because you are using a language that is not supported by this feature. This guide explains more about which languages are supported with which features: Features Per Language.

Error: The Yoast Link Statistics Feature Is Currently Disabled

In order for the feature to work correctly, it needs to create two database tables. Some may see an error message: Error: The Yoast Link Statistics feature is currently disabled in the SEO-Tools section while others may not see the button to click on.

We suggest contacting your host provider and verifying that the two tables exist. This guide explains more: The Yoast Link Statistics Feature Is Currently Disabled.

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