How to switch to Yoast SEO for Shopify

Yoast SEO, trusted by over 12 million users is available for Shopify! You may have heard all the buzz around it and you want to start using it to get the best SEO for your online shop! Great idea! However, you may have some questions before you jump in. For example, you may be using some other SEO tool already and you wonder how easy it will be to switch to Yoast SEO for Shopify. In this article, we’ll explain some of the issues that may arise, and we’ll tell you how Yoast SEO takes care of them!

Why is it difficult to switch from (SEO) apps?

When you install an SEO app in Shopify, that app needs to make modifications to some of the theme files. It does that in order to improve the appearance of your website in the search results. So, when you install a new SEO app to change the old one, some issues may arise. The new app might not work well with the modifications of the theme your old app made. Some apps might even alter your themes in such a way that you can’t even stop using SEO apps.

Furthermore, if your old app integrated very deeply into Shopify, it might have enriched existing fields with their logic. In some cases, that logic may not work anymore when you switch to your new SEO app. However, the opposite can also be true. Your old app may not have integrated deeply with Shopify, and instead, it kept all its settings stored somewhere you can’t access it. When you switch to your new SEO app, you may lose all that data! But don’t worry: we’ll take care of a lot of those issues for you!

What happens if you switch to Yoast SEO?

Yoast SEO will take care of a lot of the aforementioned issues for you. Below, you can read about the modifications we’ll make and how we’ll make sure you have a smooth transition between the apps.

Structured data

We’ll add several metatags to your website that will make your website shows up better in search engines and on social media. We’ll also add structured data, so your content will get an increased chance to show up as rich results. Of course, we’ll make sure not to add duplicate metatags or structured data by disabling any tags that may already exist.

A lot of Shopify themes and apps add output to your website. Because we noticed those pieces often aren’t stitched together, we deactivate all of them and build a single graph in which all the pieces stitch together. But you can disable some of our pieces, to keep your existing ones in place.

Titles and meta descriptions

If the metadata was stored in Shopify, we can keep some of it active. We respect the SEO work you already did and the time you’ve spent writing SEO descriptions. We leave our description templates empty, and we’ll fall back to the data that’s already there.

All page titles will be updated according to our templates. The formatting is often defined by the installed theme, so it will differ per website. However, we allow customers to change this formatting via a friendly UI instead of changing it through the code of their theme.

Good news for the future

If the SEO app you used stored the data outside the existing Shopify fields, then we’ll need to import that data. We are currently working on an importer feature. It will make the transition to the Yoast SEO app even easier!

Do you have some questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact our support team. They’ll be happy to help you!

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