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Irene Strikkers

Irene is the development manager of Yoast’s plugin team. She is a web developer with a passion for linguistics.

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During my first few months at Yoast, I focussed on developing content checks to help our users to write more readable content. When I was asked if I wanted to assist in writing the code for those checks as well, I immediately said yes!

My temporary move to the development team turned out to be quite permanent. After implementing the readability checks, I started to work on our internal linking tool that suggests to which related post users might want to link. Over the years, I’ve been part of many development teams: I joined the inaugural MyYoast team, switched back to the plugin team, became team lead of the Gutenberg integration team, and later of all plugin development teams.

Currently, I’m the development manager of the plugin team, and the plugin release lead. I’m responsible for the productivity, quality of work and professional development of the plugin development teams. I also make sure that everything on the dev side goes as smoothly as possible for every release. I enjoy improving processes, responding to quickly changing circumstances, and getting things done together.

Irene likes to talk about readability, linguistics and the Yoast plugins.