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I’m always looking for ways to reduce barriers and create possibilities for people to be creative. Enabling people is one of the things I love doing the most.

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I’ve been hooked on programming for the web ever since my first experience in 2001. The things I love the most about the internet is how it inspires and connects people.

I’ve started working at Yoast in February 2016 as a senior developer/software architect. My previous work experience has been working alone or together with someone else. I was specifically looking to work in a team-setting. In that time there were 5 people in the team.

When more developers were hired and teams were being created, I became the team lead of the Plugin Team. This task consisted of releasing the plugin and in general making sure the technical quality of the product was kept high.

Since then we’ve grown a lot and since June 2018 I am proud and happy to have become the Software Development Manager for the two plugin teams we have; Team Plugin (the WordPress integration and most features) and Team Lingo (focussing on the linguistic functionality of the plugin).

When I’m not programming I love to walk in nature, play games (digital and analog) and create music.

Safely using PHP dependencies in the WordPress ecosystem

10 July 2019 | Jip Moors

Plugins and themes from the WordPress.org repository install as stand-alone packages; they need to contain all the code, files, and dependencies needed to function correctly. Because there is no centralized system with an overview of all the dependencies used in different WordPress plugins and themes, they all need to implement their own safety net. Dependencies […]

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Safely using PHP dependencies in the WordPress ecosystem