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Hi! I’m Taco and I’m community manager here at Yoast. Of course, I’m much more than just a job title. Let’s do the short version first. After being in Customer Support for the better part of 7 years at Yoast, I transitioned into my current position as Community manager early 2020. This allows me to spend even more time with the community that became my 3rd family; the WordPress community. Third? Well yeah. I have a wife and two amazing daughters, and consider my friends and colleagues at Yoast to be my second family. I love meeting and connecting people. Being at social events gives me more energy than one can imagine. I do have strong opinions and I’m prototype Dutch, so I can be quite direct and rather blunt, even when I try really hard not to be. If we haven’t met yet, I’d love to meet you. And in the meantime, please do reach out on Twitter or the WordPress Slack.

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Ok. So how did I get here?

Back in 2013, I ran into this company that was looking for a junior developer. “Hire for talent, train for skill”, they said. Being a Computer Sciences student, I knew I didn’t have any skill yet, so I applied. And, much to my own surprise, was hired. And that’s how my adventure at Yoast started.

And an adventure it was, when just weeks later, Joost (the founder of Yoast) sent me to my very first WordCamp: WordCamp Europe in Leiden. On the first day, it was overwhelming, but over the course of three days, I made a ton of new friends. My love for the WordPress community was instant. These Open Source people were so extremely welcoming! Fortunately, I got to attend more WordPress events. And the more WordCamps and meetups I attended, the more I enjoyed it. Naturally, the next step was joining an organizing team… 

Meanwhile at Yoast, I switched from being a developer (remember that talent part.. yeah.. not it.) to providing customer support. As the adoption of our plugins grew quickly, I soon needed help and not long after I found myself managing our growing international support team. 

And then, early 2020 and in the midst of a global pandemic, I was asked to take a next step. I left my position as Manager Customer Support and became community manager. And that’s opened a whole new world… 

There’s so much more I want to tell you. Because thanks to Yoast, I’ve learned more about myself, the world, Open source in general and WordPress in particular than I ever imagined I would. But let’s save all of these stories for a better place and time. 

I hope to meet you soon, so we can exchange stories while in good company at one of the amazing volunteer-organized open source events. And in the meantime, please do feel invited to reach out on Twitter or the WordPress Slack.

Taco Verdonschot's full body avatar, drawn by Erwin.

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Road to Yoast SEO 3.0

Taco likes to talk about Yoast SEO, community involvement and company culture.

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