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Dijana Muzhdeka

I am Dijana, and I come from (what is now knowns as) North Macedonia.

I have been lucky to have many different professional experiences through the years. For a while I worked as a translator. That allowed me to get familiar with different topics, and ignited my passion for learning. I also worked in different NGOs, where no day was the same. The constant change and challenges were great learning experiences. One day, I decided that it is not enough for me to only learn for myself. I realized that I want to understand how learning works so I can help others learn as well. So, in 2016 I enrolled in the Educational Science and Technology MSc at the University of Twente.

Fast forward around two years later, I was lucky enough to become part of the Yoast Academy and work as an e-learning editor. It is the perfect job that will allow me to continue learning, while also creating learning materials for others.

These are some of the other things I enjoy doing:

  • watching and attending stand-up comedy shows
  • watching series (I am a huge fan of Mad Men and I can talk about it for ages)
  • exploring new music (just don’t ask me what genre I like. I know it when I hear it :)
  • discovering exciting new foods, recipes, spices, and flavor combinations
  • trying as many different types and brands of beers as I can
  • meditating (not as often as I should)