Submitting your site to Google News

To manage your presence in Google News, you’ll need to configure your Google Publisher Center account. But first, you’ll need to make sure that you abide by Google’s general Webmaster guidelines as well as Google’s Google News specific guidelines. In these guidelines there are several technical requirements and quality guidelines, most of these are met by the virtue of using WordPress, assuming you use a normal theme, there are few things to take note of:

  • Google News sitemap; a Google news sitemap is “not required but recommended”. Our News SEO plugin generates this for you quite easily.
  • Optimised feed formats; As Google increasingly prefers to digest news content from feed formats (such as RSS/Atom), our News SEO plugin do the heavy lifting of structuring and formatting the feeds which WordPress already generates.

Other requirements for Google News

There are also a few other things you’ll need to improve your chances of getting your site into Google News:

  • A contact page listing contact information such as your address, phone numbers and or email addresses. Just a contact form won’t do. Google wants to make sure you’re a legitimate news organization, make sure you site shows you as such.
  • A page listing all of your editorial staff, it’s probably wise to make this a listing of author profiles and make sure your author profiles are rich.
  • When deciding which image it uses for your article, Google reads image tags and og:image tags, which our core Yoast SEO plugin automatically generates.
  • In the submission form, Google will ask for the categories that apply to your content, it’s probably wise to make this a select group of quality category pages. It’s wise to make sure you’ve made these archive pages as well optimized as can be, this is a good tutorial to follow.

If you’ve taken care of all of this, you’re ready to submit to Google News. Good luck on getting your site included!


Over time, the requirements to submit your site to Google News change. We keep an eye on these changes and note them here, so if you’ve heard about a rule and don’t know if it still applies, you can look it up:

  • 02/10/2015: Added the / og:image note.
  • 28/09/2015: Google no longer requires 3 digits in the URL of a news article. Note that article URLs must still be permanent & unique. Additionally, Google says to not republish previously published articles under a new URL.

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